Congratulations, your face shape is a triangle and/or heart!

Absolutely lovely, you’ve been blessed with a triangle-shaped face. A triangle face shape (sometimes also called a heart-shaped face) is characterised by a broader brow and a more narrow chin. The general difference between a triangle and a heart is the widow’s peak at the centre of the forehead hairline, hence the use of the term ‘heart-shape’ as demonstrated by the images above. Both face shapes are similar as they share the broader brow line, high cheekbones and a more narrow chin. 
  1. Widest at the temples, narrower chin

  2. Face more long than it is wide

  3. Pronounced cheekbones 

  4. Narrow, pointed chin

Best Suited Styles: 

Many eyewear styles work on triangle and/or heart-shaped face shapes! We typically want to direct attention downward to balance out the broader temple line with the more narrow chin. The best frames will feature lower edges with no straight lines across the top because they shift attention downward and elongate the face. Cat-eye, oval and rectangular styles or glasses that have rounded or heavier bottom edges are ideal examples to give those with this face shape a more proportionate look because they balance out the facial structure and make the jawline appear wider. Cat-eyes especially are perfect for accentuating your gorgeously high cheekbones and defined jaw. 


Check out our styles that are best suited to a triangle (or heart-shaped) face shape: